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Starting on a journey to achieve optimal health can feel like an overwhelming process, especially if you don’t feel great, to begin with. Sometimes we are thrown into a journey we never signed up for.  I know firsthand what it’s like to feel as if your body has turned against you, and nobody seems to have the answers. I have walked that journey, and I know that it takes time, patience, and a true commitment to yourself to gain control of your health.

My journey forced me to take control of my own health. I had to get to the root of my symptoms, and working with functional medicine doctors helped me to do this. I believe if I would have had a health coach during that time it would have been a tremendous help and saved me much time and money. My doctors were helpful with testing and diagnosing, but didn’t have the time to sit and talk with me about how to implement the lifestyle changes they were suggesting to get me on a path of optimal health. Health coaches are trained to listen to their clients and help them find their own strategies, strengths, and motivation for change and overcoming the challenges that are holding them back. This is why I became a Certified Functional Medicine and Bredesen Protocol Health Coach.

I have often wondered how different my life would have been if I had a health coach to walk with me when all my crazy symptoms began. I felt so alone…..doctors had no answers. Having someone to listen to me and help me find my own answers would have been invaluable and may have saved me years of suffering and hours of research and looking for answers.

I am especially interested in the prevention and in some cases the reversal of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disease. I now focus most of my Health Coaching guiding my clients to implement the Bredesen Protocol.  I have seen this disease, (for which we have no cure ), wreak havoc on the people who get it, and their caregivers. I personally use the PreCODE Program for prevention and optimal health in my own life so I not only educate you on the protocol but I’m living it.

On a personal note, I love being a wife, mother and grandma. I enjoy being outside and gardening. I also enjoy any water sport that involves a paddle! I have an amazing husband of 30+ years and four grown children.

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I have always had a heart for people struggling with Alzheimer’s. When I learned about the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen I knew I had to be a part of his team. The Bredesen Protocol offers hope to those with Alzheimer’s.

I have joined with Dr. Dale Bredesen and others to get the word out that there is HOPE for Alzheimer’s. I have completed Dr. Bredesen’s current 2.0 training and I’m always staying up to date with new training. It is my honor to continue to learn so I can serve my clients on their journey. It’s one thing to receive instructions on what to do, but it’s another thing to actually do it. This is where a health coach, as Dr. Bredesen, says “Is the most important role in the recovery of Alzheimer’s”. You can watch the video on my Home Page where he talks about the importance of health coaching.

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