True healthcare starts with YOU!

Are you concerned about brain fog, wondering if it’s the beginnings of Alzheimer’s? Is your weight creeping up? Do you know you need to find the time to exercise, but just can’t seem to get motivated? Are you bombarded with all the information about how to live a healthier life?

Most of us know what to do but just can’t seem to put it into action. As your health coach I will help you find your own strategies, strengths, and motivation for change, and overcoming the challenges that are holding you back. I can also help you put into action a protocol that has been prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist. Many people can feel overwhelmed when their doctors tell them to change their diet or lifestyle. Having a health coach to walk with you as you make these changes can be the key to reaching your health goals.

Why is this so critical? Because making real, lasting lifestyle and behavior changes isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. It takes ongoing effort and support.

As your health coach, I am not the “expert”. I don’t lecture, prescribe, or simply dispense advice. Instead, I empower you to make the choice for health, including healthier behaviors, for yourself. Only you know what will work for you. You are your own expert.


EMPOWER you to discover your own wisdom and strength

HELP you create your own solutions to problems

SUPPORT you without judgment

HOLD you accountable to your goals


Alzheimer’s is more common in women – nearly two-thirds of Americans diagnosed are women.

Cognitive decline begins long before symptoms appear. Cognitive decline begins long before symptoms appear.

More than 93 million Americans are obese 

1 in 3 Americans has prediabetes or diabetes.

Chronic disease will generate $47 trillion in healthcare costs by 2030.

7 of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease.

Today is the first generation of kids expected to live shorter lifespans than their parent.

Helping people to change their diet, lifestyle, and behavior is the single most important step we can take to reverse chronic disease. This is why I became a health coach. I want to be a change agent in these statistics. Don’t become a statistic. You can make the change towards a healthier lifestyle and I’m here to help. I will educate you and help you implement the Bredesen 7 Strategies, which include:

  1. KetoFlex 12/3 Nutrition Plan
  2. Exercise
  3. Restorative Sleep
  4. Stress Management
  5. Brain Stimulation
  6. Detox
  7. Supplements


In this short video Dr. Bredesen talks about the importance of the Health Coach when implementing the Bredesen Protocol.