When it comes to Alzheimer’s, we don’t get the option to stop working on our health goals. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, and we must be vigilant!

But… we are human. It’s hard to stay focused and motivated day in and day out.

This is why I started my Hope for Alzheimer’s Monthly Membership Group in 2022!

I saw the need for support, motivation, and community. Trying to do this program alone can be tough, but doing it with others can help us stay focused and encouraged.


Judy, one of our members, said it best:

“By being a part of Robbi’s HFA Monthly Membership Group, I’ve learned more about applying the Bredesnen Program and the opportunity to hear and connect with the experiences of others. The support of Robbi and others in the group Has helped me tremendously.

It’s a pretty lonely and challenging journey to go it alone against the traditional American diet and lifestyle. Robbi has provided amazing educational resources and personal support by sharing her own journey.

I feel as though I have a foundation for future success with the Bredesen Protocol since joining the Membership, but I can’t imagine going solo without continued support. It would be tempting to give up when you hit a rough patch, but Robbi normalizes the challenges we face and continually offers ways to get back on track and not get down on ourselves.

Robbi is a font of knowledge and HOPE for all of those she serves.”


Join us as we deep dive into the 7 strategies for optimal Brain health!



Each month, we focus on an aspect of the Bredesen Protocol or mindset work, such as habits, goal setting, etc…

For the month of June, we will be focusing on Toxins & Detoxification

Our Theme will be: What matters to you?

We will focus on uncovering our values — and what matters most to us, especially as it relates to our health.

It will be a time of focusing on your “why”…


The Bonus for June: “Set it and Forget it Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes” 🥘


What’s not to love about using a slow cooker for your meal prep?

It’s easy, the meals are delicious, and there’s a hidden benefit:

You don’t have to stand in a hot kitchen cooking dinner (at the hottest time of the day!).




Here’s what you can expect each month: 


•Access to the Hope for Alzheimer’s video library

•Monthly Live Zoom Meetings for Q&A and community-building

•Weekly video from Robbi to help start your week with clarity and focus

•New training video every quarter on an aspect of the Bredesen Protocol

•Option to purchase one individual coaching session at a 20% discount each month for individual coaching

•Access to our private Hope for Alzheimer’s Membership Facebook Group, including weekly challenges, motivation, and recipes.

•20% client discount on supplements at my Fullscript store.

…and SO much more!



I know feel there truly is Hope for Alzheimer’s…


“Joining the Hope for Alzheimer’s Monthly Membership has given me a positive support system.

I now feel there truly is Hope for Alzheimer’s!

It has motivated me to follow the protocol by keeping me focused and interacting with the other members through the Facebook group and our monthly Meet-Up session.

I would recommend the group to anyone looking for more support and encouragement.”

~Susan- Hope for Alzheimer’s Monthly Membership Member




I joined the membership for peer support with the KetoFlex lifestyle…


I joined the membership for peer support with the KetoFlex lifestyle and to increase my accountability to my goals for health and longevity.

It’s nice to be able to share & discuss issues in the confidential space of the HFA group.

Robbi is a great motivator & coach. I would recommend the group to anyone! 

It’s a good network with lots of support in what can frequently feel like a complicated process.


~Anna, Hope for Alzheimer’s Monthly Membership 






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As a member of the Hope for Alzheimer’s Monthly Membership, you’ll continue to learn, be motivated, and, most importantly, prioritize your health! 

We all know what to do, but not staying focused and motivated often slows us down.

Belonging to our membership makes learning and staying focused on the Bredesen Protocol much easier when done with others…and fun!

Enrollment will close at 6:00 PM CST on Friday May 30th! 

The price is $79 per month, and there is no long-term commitment. You will be billed monthly and can cancel at any time. 



If you want a community of like-minded people on the same journey, education, and a plan to stay focused on the Bredesen Protocol…

The Hope for Alzheimer’s Membership is for you! 

We hope to see you there!


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